Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will the work get started on the Hub?

  • A. We plan to being construction in October, 2019.

Q. When will the housing be available?

  • A. Housing will be available in August 2021.

Q. Can I take a program at the Hub?

  • A. Some programming will be open to the public, and some with be “closed” and delivered to specific targeted audiences. We will post a menu of programs and services in the summer of 2020.

Q. Who else, besides JHS and Visions United, will be renting office space in the Hub?

  • A. We are actively looking for organizations who would be a good fit for the building. We will post new Hub partners as soon as we can.

Q. Will the tenants have to go to church, or is religion part of the housing?

  • A. No. Each program runs independent of the other. JHS services and housing is available for those who meet the JHS criteria. The John Howard Society will run the housing the same way it does in our current affordable housing building on Flanders Court. Visions welcomes anyone wishing to attend services.

Q. Can I rent the multipurpose room for my event?

  • A. Yes! We will have more information in the spring of 2020 about cost.

Q. I need a place to work quietly, but not on a regular basis. Can I rent space at the Hub?

  • A. Yes! Yes! We will have pricing listed on our website in the spring of 2020.

Q. I’m a small nonprofit. How can I get more information about renting space in the Hub?

  • A. Please contact us at info@monctoncommunityhub.ca We would like to hear from you!